Spam Alert: You Have Received an E-Card from LoveBug

Shady dating websites advertised with spam emails

Spammers are trying to lure users to a dating website by sending them notifications entitled “You have received an e-card from lovebug1136.”

The emails, which appear to originate from Easy e-Cards, inform recipients that lovebug1136 has sent them an e-card and a message which reads: “Was hoping maybe we could hook up!”

Users who click on the links are taken to a shady dating website sing-up page.

According to GFI Labs, the spam emails have been making the rounds since January 27, but we’ll probably see them around at least until Valentine’s Day.

This particular scam has been around since at least 2010, but it remains pretty much the same, except for the fact that those who run it keep relocating it on different domains.

In any case, you’re probably better off spending Valentine’s Day alone than signing up on websites advertised in spam campaigns.

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