Spam Alert: We Are Factory of Computers from China

Kaspersky details an interesting spam campaign in its January report

Kaspersky has published its spam report for January 2013. Besides the Valentine’s Day-themed and gift offer spam emails that made the rounds, the security firm also identified an interesting campaign promoting the products of a Chinese computer factory.

“I see you on [website URL] and get to know that you are doing business on computer. We are factory of computers. We can supply you computer like tablet pc, laptop pc with very good quality and price,” the email reads.

It continues, “We hope to cooperate with you because we can have a long-term buinsess partner and you can have a stable and trustworth supplier.”

Unlike other similar spam campaigns, this one is a bit more personal because it includes a link to the recipient’s official website. Experts say the email is most likely a template in which the sender changes the address and the site’s link.

It’s true that many computers come from China, but making business with a company that promotes its services via spam is never a good idea.

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