Spam Alert: RT and Follow to Get Your Twitter Account Verified

Scammers are trying to trick users into thinking they can verify accounts

Spammers have launched a campaign in which they’re trying to trick Twitter users into thinking that their accounts can be verified simply by retweeting certain posts.

GFI Labs experts have come across several Twitter accounts that post messages such as “RT this tweet and click here if you want to be verified,” or “Get verified NOW!! RT and click here.”

To make everything more legitimate-looking, the scammers who run these accounts look for recently verified accounts and tweet to them “Congratulations @username, you are now verified!”

When they analyzed the spam run, GFI experts said that none of the bogus verification accounts appeared to have a hidden agenda. However, they warned that the spammers might be setting the field for a money-making scheme.

They might be right. While writing this post, I’ve noticed that some of the accounts have started posting links to advertisement websites.

If you want to verify your Twitter account, this is the legitimate profile. Also, beware of individuals that might be using tricks to make it appear as if their accounts are verified.

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