Spam Alert: Adobe InDesign CS4 License Notifications Spread Cridex

One year after they were first seen, the bogus emails are still a success

Emails informing recipients that they can download their Adobe InDesign CS4 licenses have been spotted landing in a large number of accounts over the past days.

The emails look something like this:


You can download your Adobe CS4 License here -

We encourage you to explore its new and enhanced capabilities with these helpful tips, tutorials, and eSeminars.

Thank you for buying Adobe InDesign CS4 software.

Adobe Systems Incorporated”

Experts from GFI Software warn that these phony notifications are actually designed to spread a variant of the Cridex Trojan.

Those who click on the link are taken to a site which uses the BlackHole exploit kit to push the malware onto the victim’s system via unpatched software.

These types of emails were first seen around one year ago, but it appears they’re still effective in spreading malware.

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