Space Sim Star Citizen Is Getting Closer to a Linux Release

The game developed by Chris Roberts will be getting some new goals on Kickstarter

Star Citizen, a game build by the legendary Chris Roberts and his team, which could be the biggest and most complex space fighting game ever developed, has a good chance to land on Linux.

We reported a while back that Star Citizen had a small chance to make it on other platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS. The game is built on the CryEngine 3 and it would be Crytek’s job to make this work, not Chris Roberts’.

The developer known for games such as Wing Commander, Starlancer and Freelancer, explained that it was a long shot and even if gamers had some hope, the chances that Start Citizen would make it on a Linux platform were pretty slim.

Those chances just got a little bit better after the latest announcement from Chris Roberts on Kickstarter. The game already reached its goal and it will see the light of day, for the Windows platform at least.

It seems that a lot of people have asked Roberts about making it available for other platforms, so now he is asking the community if Linux is a worthy goal for Kickstarter.

“One big topic we’ve seen discussed is support for additional platforms: OSX, LInux and the like. Because of how CryENGINE 3 works we don’t yet know if this will be possible… but we’d like to know how strong an interest there is!” Roberts stated in the announcement.

The developer has put up a poll on the official website to find out what goals should be available next. So far, the Linux platform is in sixth place, with 22% of the votes, but we can improve on that, if you vote for it.

Start Citizen would definitely be the biggest and more important game to arrive on Linux and it would be a shame to know that it could have made it, but the community wasn’t active enough.

If you want to see Start Citizen on Linux, just head on to the official website and express your support for this great platform.

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