Soviet Submarine Wreck Found in the Baltic Sea – Video

The S-6 fell off the map in 1941, was found by civilian divers a few months ago

Several civilian divers who decided to explore the Swedish portion of the Baltic Sea have recently stumbled upon the wreck of a submarine.

The military took immediate action and launched an investigation, whose conclusion was that the submarine used to belong to the Soviet forces, and that it most likely sank in 1941.

The wreck is broken in two, and its exact location is south-east of the island of Öland.

The S-6 fell off the map during World War II, and seeing how it disappeared in a region mined by German forces, it is believed that an encounter with such a mine was what caused it to sink. Apparently, the submarine was merely on patrol when it got hit.

“In the autumn of 1941 several Russian submarines left their home bases to patrol the Baltic Sea. Several of them never returned. One of them has now been found, blown up into large pieces, southeast of Öland,” reads a statement made by the Swedish Armed Forces this past Monday.

Commenting on the finding of this wreck, a spokesperson for the military made a case of how, “There is much to indicate that the submarine headed straight into the minefield while on the surface and was blow apart by a mine.”

The military reached this conclusion after noticing that the submarine's hatches were open, which means that it must have been floating at the water's surface when the explosion or the attack that caused it to sink took place.

Sources report that the area where this Soviet submarine was found is from now on to be considered a war grave. As well as this, the Russian people were notified and soon enough a memorial service is to be held at this location.

This is not the first Soviet submarine dating back to World War II found in Swedish water. Thus, several others have been uncovered over the years.

Footage of the submarine is made available to you in the video below.

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