Souvenaid: Brain-Boosting, Anti-Alzheimer's Milkshake Starts Selling in the UK

Makers claim it can tackle the early symptoms of dementia, most doctors are reluctant

People living in the United Kingdom can now go one extra mile in terms of keeping dementia at bay, courtesy of a new milkshake that promises to boost brain power and reduce the symptoms of this medical condition.

More precisely, the makers of Souvenaid maintain that the milkshake they are now rolling out in stores nation-wide can successfully tackle most of the early symptoms of dementia in general, and Alzheimer's in particular.

This is because its makeup allows the body to rebuild whatever synapses get damaged as a result of an individual's getting older, Daily Mail explains.

Nutricia, the medical nutrition company behind this so-called anti-Alzheimer's milkshake, argues that its product contains various nutrients that dementia patients lack and which are of utmost importance in keeping synapses up and running.

Some of these nutrients are omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins. Souvenaid also contains uridine, which is one of the four basic components of RNA, and choline, a water-soluble essential nutrient.

Despite the fact that this milkshake took over ten years to “engineer,” specialists are quite reluctant with respect to its ability to counteract the symptoms of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

Thus, Professor Clive Ballard, the current director of research at the Alzheimer’s Society charity, made a case of how, “People shouldn’t get excited that an off-the-shelf drink is going to transform the lives of people with dementia.”

“While past studies of this product have showed some benefits for memory, there is no evidence that it has an effect on other aspects of thinking or everyday life and there was also no benefit on other symptoms of dementia,” he went on to add.

On the other hand, specialists working with Nutricia claim that, according to their studies, Souvenaid is quite successful in improving the memory performance of both men and women who are suffering with a mild form of Alzheimer's and who are not taking any other drugs.

The milkshake is to sell for £3.49 (€4.21 / $5.62) a dose, and Nutricia wished to emphasize the fact that nobody needed to drink more than one per day.

As well as this, those wishing to give it a try should first be consulted by a doctor.

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