Southwest Airlines Offers Free Tickets In Facebook Scam

700 individuals already fell for the latest Facebook scam

The latest Facebook scam promises to offer thousands of vouchers that can be used to purchase Southwest airline tickets.

Facecrook reports that the whole thing ends with the usual survey but in this case, victims are required to complete a number of six polls to get to the phony prize.

People are beginning to learn that these advertisements are nothing but scams, but this particular hoax is still shared by more than 700 people who want to fly.

The survey presented to those who fall for the plot will earn the cybercrooks a lot of money since they get paid for each user they lead to the website. A recent bust made by the FBI revealed that such a gang managed to earn $14 million (10 million EUR) from a similar  operation, so make sure to stay clear of these false promises.

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