South Korea to Spend $8.77B / €6.78B on Cyber Security Through 2017

The government also wants to train 5,000 cyber warriors

In light of the numerous cyberattacks launched against the country’s systems, South Korea has started taking cyber security seriously. The government has decided to double its cyber security budget.

According to the Financial Review, the South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology says that the government is prepared to spend 10 trillion won ($8.77 billion / €6.78 billion) through 2017 on cyber security. It also plans on training 5,000 experts that will be tasked with guarding the country’s networks against cyber threats.

In comparison, North Korea, the country believed to be behind numerous cyberattacks launched against South Korea, is said to have around 3,000 cyber warriors.

Most of the recent major attacks against South Korea have been launched by a group called DarkSeoul, Symantec experts say. It’s uncertain if DarkSeoul is sponsored by North Korea, but researchers say they’re definitely backed by a nation state.

And since we’re making comparisons, it’s worth noting that the United States plans on spending $23 billion (€17 billion) on cyber security through 2018.

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