South Korea Premieres World's First Toilet Theme Park

Every year, locals organize the Golden Poop Art Festival in the park

The world's first toilet-themed park just opened in Suwon city, South Korea. What you see here is an actual tribute to toilets, where visitors can find out fun facts about their restrooms, if there are any.

Metro UK notes that the Restroom Cultural Park includes pieces of art, inspired by toilets. The park features former mayor Sim Jae-Duck's toilet shaped house, which has been turned into a museum.

Believe it or not, Jae-Duck, known as Mr. Toilet, was a loo aficionado, and always told people he was born in his grandmother's toilet, advising them not to underestimate the importance of this often forgotten utility in a man's life.

What would a theme park be without a festival, and Suwon isn't lacking one. Every year, residents organize the Golden Poop Art Festival in the Restroom Cultural Park.

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