South Korea Flight Attendant Pants Fight: Airline Might Change Dress Code

Asiana Airlines air hostesses have only been allowed to wear glasses starting January 2013

Union reps for the Asiana Airlines flight attendants have achieved a reevaluation of the company's strict dress code, in a bid to introduce pants to the uniform.

Right now, the South Korean airline requires its air hostesses to wear skirts under any circumstances. As you can see above, every detail of their appearance is strictly regulated.

They have only been allowed to wear glasses starting January 2013, they are obligated to pull up their hair in a specific manner, and the airline even decides how many hairpins they wear.

Other rules apply but are not limited to eyeliner and concealer application and the length of their earrings.

Jezebel noted that Asiana's labor union has requested the help of South Korea's human rights commission in order to allow pants, and the company has only agreed to “consider” the proposal.

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