South African Police Site Breached by Domainer Hackers

They revealed the details of the vulnerability that allowed them entrance to the databases

A hacker group called Domainer – which appears to be operating for the same ideals as Anonymous - has allegedly breached the website of the South African Police ( Apparently, the hack is a form of protest against the brutalities committed by law enforcement against the citizens of the African country.

“The South African Police Oracle Database kindly brought to you by Domainer & Anonymous. For murdering your own citizens we delightfully bring this Hax to your attention,” the hackers stated.

Although they have claimed that the database they have obtained is “huge,” the information they have leaked online doesn’t contain any sensitive information, the dump comprising only database and table names.

Besides the table and database names, the hackers have also made available the details of the vulnerability they have leveraged to gain access to the information.

Hack Read notes that the Domainer collective is known for breaching government websites.

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