Sources: Reckz0r’s Leaks are False and Stolen

There’s a lot of evidence that shows he might be right

Earlier this week, we pointed out the fact that many of Reckz0r’s data leaks appear to be taken from other corners of the Internet. Today, an anonymous source pointed out the fact that the hacker’s latest breaches also appear to be “false and stolen.”

A few hours ago, the hacker posted a tweet claiming to have “owned” Hackforums and the website of Kevin Mitnick. However, it seems that all the data, including his statement, are copied and pasted from other websites.

“First off, the login information for Mitnick's website, supposedly obtained by Reckz0r, lists the date as July 13 (which obviously hasn't occurred yet). This section is stolen from a leak in 2009, found here,” a user told Softpedia.

“The HackForums section meanwhile, is stolen from here. You will notice that entries like ‘Hybridtheory: afb3c5417e4d7266 af4f066b3132c5fb :’ will be found in both, the only difference is that Reckz0r's has been changed to say ‘’ instead of ‘admin [at]’,” he added.

As we mentioned on a previous occasion, Reckz0r appears to be taking credit for breaches performed previously by a hacker collective known as Zero for Owned.

Furthermore, we found that his statement is actually the famous “I am a BAD American” rant that has been making the rounds since around 2001, the one that has been falsely attributed to the late George Carlin.

“Few in the mainstream media will be willing to fact-check all his claims, but a simple Google search returns hits on literally everything he claims to produce,” our source said.

“I have done most of the work already, and it would save companies a lot of wasted effort trying to find security breaches which never occurred if they could just automatically write off anything from Reckz0r.”

The user that contacted us isn’t the only one to point out the fact that Reckz0r may be taking credit for the work of others. The blog called Script Kiddies Exposed also dedicated an article to pointing out that much of the hacker’s leaks are copied and pasted.

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