SoundCloud, Rhapsody and Vevo to Be Part of Facebook Music

The social network may also be talking with movie and TV streaming sites

Facebook is expected to unveil a very interesting music service later this week at its F8 developers' conference. There is no official confirmation, but rumors of a service involving all major online music services have been floating around for a few months now.

The latest rumors extend to video services as well, Hulu is said to be unveiling deep integration at the conference. Netflix and other video sites may be involved, but details are fewer on this front.

Music though is a given. Already, Spotify, Rdio and MOG were said to be on board with Facebook, offering integration with the social network.

Dutch entrepreneur and developer Yvo Schaap has scoured the source code of major music streaming services around the world and has come up with a longer list of potential launch partners.

The new names on the list are SoundCloud, Rhapsody, the French Deezer and the Vevo music video site.

However, he was not able to find any sign of Facebook integration on a number of sites, some to be expected, iTunes, Amazon, some less so, like Grooveshark is not part of the initial launch partners, likely due to its legally uncertain status.

The core feature of Facebook's music integration is interoperability. Users will be able to listen to music on the site regardless of which music service they're subscribed to.

They will also be able to share music with their friends who will be able to either listen to it with their favorite music streaming service, or get a free taste of whatever their friend is using. This is part of the reason why more US music services are launching free, though limited, tiers.

But Facebook may be going even bigger and may announce integration with video site as well, which could mean that users will be able to watch and share TV show episodes, movies and so on. There are only three more days until F8, so we'll know soon enough.

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