SoundCloud Has 10 Million Users, Debuts Instagram Integration

The site has grown more than three times in the past year

SoundCloud is celebrating a major milestone for the company, it now has 10 million registered users. The number of registered users is not the greatest way to measure success, but it's an important metric and most companies have grown accustomed to highlighting it rather than the more relevant active users metric.

Still, it's a big step for SoundCloud, the service added seven million new users in the past year or so. At this point, SoundCloud sees about one million new users each month.

SoundCloud had three million registered users last February. By June, it was up to five million.

Just a few months later, in October, it announced that it had eight million "creators."

"When we started SoundCloud a few years ago, we had the vision of enabling people to create and share sound more easily and collaboratively," SoundCloud wrote.

"Today, we’re more than thrilled to extend ten million Thank You’s to our 10 million registered SoundClouders," it announced.

"Ten million is not just a number to us, it is proof that we’re not alone on our mission to unmute the web and it gives us goosebumps to know that more than ten million people from around the world have been finding value in SoundCloud in many different ways," it added.

This is not the only impressive metric SoundCloud is revealing today, its mobile apps have been installed five million times at this point. While that doesn't necessarily mean that five million people use the mobile apps, it's still a huge number considering that the apps have only been around for a few months.

There are also 10,000 apps that leverage the SoundCloud API. The latest to do so is a rather interesting feature, dubbed Story Wheel and coming out of SoundCloud Labs, which creates an Instagram slideshow to which users can add their own audio commentary, powered by SoundCloud of course.

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