SoundCloud Apps Get Better Recording and Even Light Editing Features

Making it easier to capture any sound and share it online

SoundCloud latest mobile update further pushes the apps towards the site's newish goal, becoming a place to share sounds of any kind, not just music. This translates into better ways to record stuff with your phone.

The latest update to the SoundCloud mobile app, which is already pretty neat, comes with a big upgrade to the record functions. For one, you can now pause a recording and then pick it up later.

That's a huge improvement over only being able to either have one continuous recording, including the bits you don't want, or many small fragments of just one thing.

But that's just the start, SoundCloud added another feature to make it even easier to get just the stuff you want in a recording you upload, a trim feature.

If you want to cut off the bits you don't want, the end of a recording that's not needed, or just the part you need from one long cut.

"Trim is also useful when you’re waiting for a special moment (e.g. an announcement, the chimes of a bell, the roar of a crowd when a point is scored at a sports game, etc.)," SoundCloud lists some examples of when the feature may be useful.

"You can now start a recording and leave it running until the special moment occurs, then trim away the rest, leaving the most relevant sound ready for sharing," it adds.

There are also a couple of features that are platform specific. Android users can now add a fade in and a fade out, an effect which adjusts the volume of a recording to gradually increase or decrease.

On iOS, SoundCloud added a cool feature, listening in "private" without your headphones. Whenever you start listening to something without the headphones plugged in, you can simply put the phone next to your ear, like you would do when talking to it, and the sound will be played via the phone speaker rather than the loudspeaker.

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