Soul Calibur IV's Ivy Gets Boobs Lift - Bigger Than Lara Croft's!

The breasts look great, but they're ridiculously large for a video game character

Honestly now...! No, don't get me wrong, I like a huge pair of boobies as much as the next fellow but everything has to stop with Lara Croft's size of breasts. Anything bigger than that is just... plain inefficient if you ask me. Capcom is struggling to achieve more fame the easy way. I repeat. The breasts look great, but was it really necessary? Ivy was already a D if not more.

Basically, video games should present fantasy in the most colorful and luscious way possible. It's like making dreams come true. Developers can make anything and anyone look and behave in every manner possible. And if the public wants big breasts, then developers will surely answer that demand, not that there wouldn't be anything in it for them.

Now, as I was saying, Soul Calibur's Ivy already had a pair of mammaries bigger than Lara Croft's even, as GamesRadar reckons too. But now Capcom has gone a little too far, if I may say so. The heroine in Tomb Raider now looks like a 13-year-old pimple-faced girl compared to Ivy.

See, Eidos must have thought about making Lara's boobies bigger, right? But they didn't. Why, because as fantastic as a game is, you have to keep some realism as far as characters are concerned. Playable ones anyway. Lara's abilities to swing on poles and grab far away edges aren't as fantastic as some may imagine. Thus, her body had to be shaped in concordance with those abilities. Had those breasts been too small, gamers wouldn't like her. Had them been too large, those acrobatics would seem less likely possible.

Translate that to Soul Calibur IV's Ivy. With a pair of breasts so large, it's practically impossible to run, not to mention wield a weapon and charge with it; those boobs would hit her in the face like a truck. So you have to keep some realism to the shape of a character's body. Nevertheless, I'm sure that no one minds the bigger chest. I don't, and it was good news material.

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