Sophos Security Threat Report 2013: Norway Is the Safest Country

Hong Kong has been declared the riskiest location

Sophos has just released its Security Threat Report 2013. The study focuses on topics such as Mac malware, targeted attacks, polymorphic attacks, ransomware, Android threats, Java attacks, and the BlackHole exploit kit.

An interesting part of the report is the one which details the 10 riskiest and the 10 safest countries in the world.

The figures reveal that Norway is the safest country with the lowest threat exposure rate (1.81%). The next positions are occupied by Sweden (2.59%), Japan (2.63%), the UK (3.51%), Switzerland, the US, Slovenia, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands (4.28%).

On the other hand, Hong Kong is the riskiest (23.54%), followed by Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Indonesia (11.47%).

The complete Sophos Security Threat Report is available here.

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