Sophos Publishes Technical Paper on Ransomware

The report is called “Ransomware: Next-Generation Fake Antivirus”

Ransomware has become a major problem for Internet users and a very profitable business for cybercriminals. Law enforcement authorities are struggling to contain the criminal phenomenon, but the task is not easy considering that, in many cases, the criminals are difficult to identify and locate.

In the meantime, it’s important for regular users to understand and be aware of the threat in order to ensure that they don’t fall victim.

That’s why security solutions provider Sophos has released a new technical paper on ransomware. It is called “Ransomware: Next-Generation Fake Antivirus” and it’s the work of Anand Ajjan, a senior researcher with SophosLabs.

The 27-page report contains everything there is to know about ransomware, including a comparison with fake antiviruses, history, delivery mechanisms, classifications, a case study and targets.

The paper also explains how Sophos handles ransomware.

The complete technical paper is available here.

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