Sony to Launch Xperia Smartphones with Metal-Alloy Body in 2015 – Report

The new handsets will be manufactured by Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics

Sony fans might just have one more reason to enjoy their favorite company’s smartphones, as the Japanese handset maker is likely to start redesigning its high-end lineup.

According to reports coming from Asia, Sony Mobile is readying a new lineup of Xperia smartphones that will features a stylish premium look.

Although Xperia handsets are already among the best looking on the market, Sony wants to start including metal chassis into some of its major releases.

If the information leaked via Taiwan-based supply chain makers proves to be true, then Sony Xperia Z3 might be the last flagship Android smartphone launched by the Japanese company that features a plastic body.

Beginning 2015, Sony Mobile plans to adopt metal-alloy chassis for all its high-end smartphones, not just for the flagships. For those unaware, Sony usually launches two flagship handsets each year, but compact versions of these high-end phones are released as well.

It’s unclear whether or not the Xperia Z4 will be the first to feature a metal-alloy or the change will be implemented starting September, 2015.

However, we do know that Sony’s Xperia smartphones made of metal-alloy will be manufactured by Taiwanese company Foxconn Electronics at its factory in northern China, Digitimes reports.

The metal body for these handsets will be provided by Foxconn Technology, which is a member of the Foxconn Group as well.

The future high-end Sony Xperia smartphones won’t feature just metal-alloy edges like the current models instead they will pack fully fledged metal-alloy body.

This is the second major handset maker that has decided to replace plastic with metal in its high-end smartphones. Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Alpha series of premium phones, which offer high-end features in a metal-alloy chassis.

However, Samsung does not seem to plan the same move for its flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. Obviously, there’s still time for the South Korean company to make the necessary changes and offer fans something they have been expecting for more than a year.

Sony Mobile has already confirmed that its IFA 2014 press conference will take place on September 3, and seeing the first teaser published by the company, we believe that there will be at least two smartphones and one tablet being revealed at the event.

The Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact are most likely to be the stars of Sony’s IFA 2014 conference, but we do not rule out the possibility of seeing a few mid-range smartphones as well.

What do you think about Sony’s sudden policy change about the design of its smartphone? Would you purchase an Xperia smartphone with metal-alloy chassis?

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