Sony to Launch Firefox OS Smartphone in 2014

The company has already committed to the release of such devices

Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Mobile is one of the companies interested in the release of devices running under Mozilla’s Firefox OS platform, and an official confirmation on the matter has already emerged.

Apparently, Sony will partner with Telefónica and other wireless carriers around the world for the building of such devices, and is set to bring them on shelves by 2014.

The smartphone designer is focused on the launch of Android handsets to expand its available portfolio and to strengthen its position on the market, but it is also looking at new ways to deliver enhanced mobile experiences to customers.

The launch of a Firefox OS smartphone, given that the platform is new to the market and aimed mainly at the entry-level segment and at developing countries, will certainly make Sony’s devices available to new customer categories.

“At Sony Mobile we continue to evaluate innovative technologies that can help deliver the premium user experiences that Sony's consumers expect,” said Bob Ishida, deputy chief executive officer and head of Products Business Group, Sony Mobile Communications.

“Our engineers are now working with Firefox OS Mobile and HTML5, evolving technologies which show great potential. In addition, we continue to work with our operator partners, including Telefónica, on a development project with an ambition to bring a product to market in 2014.”

Firefox OS brings a completely new approach to mobile platforms, as devices will be built entirely using open web standards, while being capable of providing users with a rich, open and dynamic smartphone experience.

Other companies also announced their support for Mozilla’s initiative, including Alcatel, ZTE and Huawei, and others might join their ranks as well in the not too distant future.

“As well as the great opportunity we have in 2013, our further collaboration around a possible device on the Firefox OS mobile platform will create the opportunity to reach new segments of the market, allowing us to provide an even wider choice of premium Sony device offerings for our customers,” Marieta del Rivero, group devices director, Telefónica, said.

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