Sony and Taco Bell Reveal New Contest with Free PlayStation 4 Bundles

The special contest will see prizes awarded every 15 minutes

Sony and Taco Bell have confirmed that they'll be joining forces for an impressive contest later this week, which will see a special bundle of a PlayStation 4, a copy of Knack, and a 1-year subscription to PS Plus be awarded to customers of the fast food restaurant every 15 minutes.

Sony is getting ready to debut the PlayStation 4 in November and the company wants to promote the next-gen device through any means possible.

As such, after learning that Microsoft is teaming up with Doritos and Mountain Dew for an Xbox One competition, Sony has confirmed that it's partnered with Taco Bell for a contest of its own.

Between September 26 and November 10, Taco Bell customers will be able to enter a brand new competition, according to the PS blog.

"You have six weeks to head over to your local Taco Bell for your chance to 'Play the Future First.' Taco Bell will mark their $5 Buck Boxes– which include a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink– with a special code that you can text in for a chance to win a PS4 prize pack."

These awards will be offered every 15 minutes from September 26 to November 10, and the prizes consist of a special bundle that includes a PlayStation 4, a copy of Knack, and a 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus. Check out the full details below.

"How to enter: Grab a $5 Buck box at your local participating Taco Bell restaurant, locate your unique code on the box and text it in. Official codes are also available without purchase."

"You could win a prize package include:

PlayStation 4 system – PlayStation 4 is connected gaming with powerful graphics, intelligent personalization and deeply integrated social capabilities.

One copy of the Knack game – Wield fantastic powers and discover a unique and vibrant world in this fun-filled adventure, available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

1 year PlayStation Plus membership – PlayStation Plus on the PS4 system is the ultimate membership service, providing a diverse range of immersive online multiplayer experiences."

You can check out the official details about the contest, which is available in the U.S. with the exception of Hawaii, at this link.

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