Sony Xperia PLAY HD Concept Phone Packs Quad-Core CPU

The handset would pack an HD screen, a powerful camera as well

Mobile phone users who are fond of gaming while on the go will always be looking for a smartphone capable of offering the best of the two worlds.

Sony Ericsson made a first step in this direction with the launch of Xperia PLAY, but the device feels outdated when compared to current handsets out there.

The first quad-core smartphones are already out on shelves, and enthusiasts are dreaming of the moment when a successor to Xperia PLAY will include such as chip as well.

Coming from Bob Freking (via Concept-phones), the new Sony Xperia PLAY HD concept phone packs all the hardware capabilities that enthusiasts are looking for in such a device.

The same as the original Xperia PLAY, the new handset would feature a sliding gamepad, along with a touchscreen display.

The screen is said to be 4.3-inch in size diagonally, an HD 1270 x 720 Reality Display. Beneath it, there is a 1.5GHz quad core Tegra 3 application processor with all of its horse power to fuel great gaming on the fly.

The rest of the handset’s specs list is as impressive, starting with the 8-megapixel photo snapper on the back, with support for 1080p HD video recording.

The Sony Xperia PLAY HD concept device packs 1GB of RAM, along with 32GB of internal memory, and a microSD memory card for users to be able to add some more storage in the equation.

The smartphone is expected to provide support for PSP games, most probably expected to be available for it via downloads.

Of course, this is only the product of an enthusiast’s imagination, but we would not be surprised if such a device became official in the not too far future.

After all, the first steps in this direction have already been made, with the launch of high-end smartphones that pack similar features, and with the release of the first PlayStation-certified handset, the Xperia PLAY.


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