Sony Not Interested in Ultrabooks for Now

Doesn't reject the idea of releasing an Ultrabook in the future

Sony is still very skeptical about the production of its own Ultrabook and it has recently stated that it doesn't have any plans to build such a computer, even though it doesn't exclude the possibility to release an Ultrabook in the future.

Sony hasn't explained its decision, but the company could be concerned by the high production costs and low profit margins associated with such ultrathin laptops, since Intel wants to them to be sold for less than $1000 US (about 738 Euros).

Furthermore, Sony has recently entered into the VAIO range a new version of the Z-series ultraportable, which also features an ultra-thin design (16.65mm) and high-performance hardware.

The only downside with the new VAIO Z is that its price was set at 1900 Euros (a bit less than $2700 US), more than twice the starting price of some Ultrabook models.

Shortly after Intel announced its Ultrabook concept, a lot of voices in the industry have started complaining about the high costs associated with the fabrication of such notebooks.

Intel's Ultrabook guidelines require manufacturers to use a unibody design for the chassis, as well as built-in high-density li-polymer batteries, to significantly reduce weight and size, while some of the components have to be soldered directly on the system mainboard.

What this means is that notebook makers will have to completely change their existing production process, which is based on a modular approach, resulting in added training and retooling costs.

Add to that the high prices of solid state drives and ULV processors (Intel's hardware alone accounts for a third of the $1000 price) and it becomes clear why laptop makers have a hard time selling these for less than $1000 US, as Intel desires.

Asus and Acer are just two of the companies that have announced Ultrabooks until now, the former planning to release no less than six such ultrathin laptops. (via Notebook Italia)

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