Sony Turns Vaio Z and Y into WiFi Hotspots

Can connect to up to five other PCs or networked devices

Wireless connectivity, especially through WiFi, has become standard on practically all personal computers, not just desktops but especially laptops. Thanks to it, a PC can connect to the web or even another device, as long as the latter has a WiFi capability of its own. What is not as uncommon is for a single system to be able to connect, simultaneously, to multiple wireless devices, and this is exactly what Sony decided to make possible on some of its more popular mobile computers.

The Vayo Z and Vayo Y series, or at least some of the models in those series, will be pre-loaded and configured with the Share My Connection (SMC) wireless technology. What this software does, basically, is turn the laptop into a portable WiFi hotspot, through which up to five other PCs or electronics of other kinds can communicate.

Granted, setting up something like this is already possible through Windows and Mac software, but Sony's solution has an advantage because it is usable out of the box. What this means is that even casual users will be able to easily set up a network like this, not just those with a certain amount of IT know how.

As for the computers themselves, they are slightly more than simple notebooks, each boasting its own array of special advantages making it suited for a certain segment of the market.

The Vaio Y, for instance, comes in multiple color options, is only 1.2-inch thick and has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit LCD. It is aimed at students and, thus, is available in multiple color options, including teal blue, pear green, pink, purple and black. The Vaio Z is even more interesting, with a weight of only 3.0lbs, a carbon fiber aluminum casing, a 13.1-inch LED screen and a battery life of up to seven hours. Both are available for pre-order here and priced at $770 and $1,950, respectively.

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