Sony Talks OLED, Makes 7.4-Inch Display for Professionals

For use in professional monitoring applications

LCDs are pretty much the current mainstream display solutions for everything from small handheld consumer electronics to large-format monitors and professional displays. However, Sony has been dealing in a different type of LCDs, one that has potential for better color sharpness and image brightness and, most importantly, does not rely on backlighting. Known as OLED, the technology has made its way to Sony's newest professional monitor, known as the PVM-740, which brings much to the table, but asks for just as much in return.

The OLED technology, which Sony is no longer offering in Japan, is now featured in this screen that the company aims at professional monitoring applications such as ENG and EFT production, studio editing, OB trucks and even research and development. Sony also claims that the “versatile new monitor is also ideal for use in 3D camera rigs with its flip mode.” Basically, the product leverages its maker's proprietary Super Top Emission technology, to enable contrast and high color beyond what is achievable by LCDs (even in ambient light) and supports no-delay picture flipping, which is useful for 3D image acquisition.

The PVM-740 can be connected directly to a camera system, but is also rack-mountable and has a maximum resolution of 960 x 540. Also, it has a picture contrast greater than that of CRT displays, is blur-free, has a quick response to fast motion and boasts an AR coating that confers upon it such physical attributes as scratch resistance. Furthermore, when it comes to connectivity, Sony's display has not just an HDMI interface, but also a composite video connector and 3G/HD/SD-SDi. With the last of these, the video-output solution can accept 1,080/50p and 1,080/60p formats.

Unfortunately, as it is the case with most OLED screens, as well as most products intended for professional and industrial use, the price of Sony's new monitor is substantial, namely no less than $3,850. Availability is set for this month.

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