Sony T1 eReader Hacked to Expose Android OS

Sony's eReader is actually an Android OS device

Even though Sony tried to hide it, everybody seemed to knew ever since the T1 eReader was launched that underneath its e-Ink 6-inch screen lurked some sort of Android OS and a user has now managed to hack the device to expose its open source internals.

The hacker, that goes by the name of vladboroda on YouTube, has managed to install AWLauncher on the eReader and a series of other apps.

These include CoolReader, FBReader, ReLaunch and the Android Terminal, so we have still some more time to wait until Angry Bird makes it way to Sony's eReader, but we are definitely on the right route.

You can take a look at the performance of the T1 eReader in the video above, but everything seems to be working pretty smooth despite the early nature of this hack.

Right now, the hacker hasn't yet made available any instructions on how to gain access to the Android OS in the PRS-T1, but these will become available once the hack gets into a more advanced development stage.

Until then, we can only hope that vladboroda will manage to make even more Android applications work on the Sony eReader, Angry Birds included. (via engadget)

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