Sony Stops Making MiniDisk Players in March 2013

Yet another old-school electronic device category goes out of use

As a company involved in almost all sorts of consumer electronics, Sony is bound to eventually start seeing no point in pushing a product category forward.

Sony gave up on several types of gadgets in the past, like disc-loading Walkman music players.

Now, it is doing it to MiniDisk music players, or so Asahi (Japanese publication) reports.

Since the items have been around for 20 years, we can safely say they've had a good run and that they can pass on the torch to iPods and other media-free music devices without regrets.

The last MiniDisk player will be shipped out two months from now at the latest (March 2013).

Manufacturing efforts have already been halted actually. All that is left is to empty remaining inventories.

Those that would still like small optical media players will have to look for other brands, like Onkyo.

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