Sony Reveals Strange Battery-Powered All-in-One, VAIO Tap 20 PC

The mobility of this product is questionable, but that's more than other AiOs can say

Sony saw that everyone else involved in the Windows 8 movement was bringing out the big (and occasionally weird) guns, so it is doing the same, and the VAIO Tap 20 PC is one piece of evidence.

We can safely say that Sony has gone one step further on the scale of uncanny, so to speak, than Lenovo and Vizio.

Sure, it may not have blessed its prospective customers with bloatware-free systems, but it does have some unusual designs, or one at any rate.

We are, of course, referring to the VAIO Tap 20 PC, essentially an 11.4 pounds / 5-kilos all-in-one personal computer with an integrated battery (3-4 hours on one charge when watching movies, more when doing lighter tasks).

Measuring 20 inches in diagonal (1600 x 900 pixels resolution), it has a 10-point multitouch interface, so that it may “lay flat on a coffee table for the whole family to play games on the large screen.”

The idea was to create a full-featured home system that could be moved from room to room, and from a desk to the floor, according to what users wanted to do with it and where.

Fingertapps Organizer and a calendar app, both with support for such extended touch input, are pre-loaded on the computer, alongside a bunch of other programs.

As we inferred when we made the bloatware reference, we don't find pre-loaded software all that exciting, but it can come in handy on products with specific demographics in mind, like this one.

The ArtRage Studio painting program and the My Daily Clip application (basically a four-player movie trivia game from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, with actual film scenes) are the most relevant.

That said, sales will begin on October 26, for the price of $880 / 880 Euro or more. Buyers will get a notebook-grade Intel Core-series CPU (Core i3, i5 or i7), an HDD or SSD, and 4 GB of RAM.


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