Sony Reveals Devices That Store and Stream Photos and Videos Wirelessly

The Portable Wireless Server and Personal Content Station debut

It is one thing to have lots of films, photos and music files on a PC, and another to have them all on a server. Unfortunately, servers tend to be bulky and ugly, and most households don't use them at all, which is why Sony has put together its two newest devices.

They are called Portable Wireless Server and Personal Content Station. Both will be released in Europe this summer.

The Portable Wireless Server is different from a portable hard disk drive or solid-state drive, though it can be taken along on trips and such.

While it can recharge smartphones and tablets, that is only its side role. Its true purpose is to link up to 8 devices together and centralize the media files on them. That way, everyone can access whichever music or video file they like at any time.

In order to use the PWS, those connecting will have to install the PWS Manager app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store.

As a bonus, Sony gave the Portable Wireless Server an SD/Memory Stick Duo slot, plus a USB port. The battery will last for 10 hours of audio playback.

The other product, Personal Content Station, does have its own built-in storage space, 1 TB to be precise.

It also gets an HDMI port (for HD video playback) and USB connectivity (for extra storage and data copying).

Nevertheless, the wireless transmitter will carry out most data streaming and transfer operations to and from devices running Android 2.3 or higher, or Apple iOS 6.0 or better.

Sharing via social networks and e-mail can be accomplished as well, and it doesn't even need to be copied to the PCS first.

Go here to read the full product specifications of both devices, down to the complete list of supported operating systems. Windows, as expected, works as fine as the rest.


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