Sony Prepares to Sell Former Tokyo Headquarters [WSJ]

The place where the Walkman and Trintron TV were born will be handed off

Sony hasn't exactly been doing splendidly these past few years, suffering setbacks in various business segments and overall making less money than it is comfortable with. It is for this reason that the company is selling off various facilities and business arms.

Most recently, as the WSJ is now reporting, the company has decided to sell its former headquarters in central Tokyo.

That's the place where the Sony walkman was invented, although, granted, walkmans aren't selling that much anymore.

Sony moved to the building in Tokyo back in 1947, a year after it actually came into being.

Sony officials say that the idea for the Trinitron TV and walkman didn't come to be in that building though.

Still, it's a big change, especially after the sale of the Madison Avenue U.S. Headquarters back in 2013.

Also, not long ago (a few weeks to be exact), Sony sold its PC business.

But at least then it made $1.1 billion / €800,000. Selling the Tokyo building only got the company $146.5 million / €106.21 million.

At this point, there isn't much that Sony can still sell off before it runs out of corners to cut. We can only hope that all the sales will help it find a new foothold in the worldwide tech industry.

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