Sony Prepares Its Own TV Service

It intends to undercut existing cable and satellite providers

Sony suffered quite a bit during 2012, which means it needs to try something new in order to rebound, something that consists of more than just a new device release.

According to Variety, Sony is preparing a new online television service, one that will probably rely on Intel's upcoming set-top box / DVR hybrid entertainment device.

The service will be delivered through a packaged content subscription via broadband Internet.

Channel licensing is being negotiated with two “major content companies” which, though skeptical about the chances of the service actually getting launched, aren't actually against the idea.

Sony tried broadband TV back in 2011, but didn't put all that much effort into the venture. The company is supposedly more serious this time around.

Should the service take off, there will be an extra reason to buy PlayStation consoles and Bravia TV sets.

No word on whether the service will be available to non-Sony devices.

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