Sony PS3 Getting a Touch of the TRON:LEGACY Too

We're pretty sure that we'll see plenty of TRON:LEGACY-related accessories hit the web over the next few weeks (prior to the movie's official US launch on December 17'th), and now, we've come across one that will actually take Sony's PS3 Slim gaming console into the virtual universe imagined by TRON's creators.

The device in question is the Monster TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400, manufactured by Monster Cable (makers of the TRON headphones we've talked about in a previous article) and presented by Sonic Electronix, a device designed not only to actually “dock” the PS3, but also provide a couple of useful functions, involving the PS3's associated game controllers.

First and foremost, we can't help but notice the Monster TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400's very interesting design, which will immediately help gamers recall the TRON universe.

The device has been designed to perfectly fit the PlayStation 3 slim and supports either vertical stand or horizontal placement for maximum features, while not adding any extra volume to the gaming console.

Beside having such an attractive look, the TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400 includes a 4-port USB smart charger for charging controllers and devices without the need for a separate charger.

Furthermore, all of these ports also act as USB expansions for additional peripherals such as guitars, drum sets, and more, practically expanding the PS3 Slim's connectivity way above standard.

The Monster TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400 from Sonic Electronix sells for around $79.95, which is, in fact, quite an affordable sum, especially if you're a true TRON fan that wants to get as many items related to this franchise as possible (and if you are, we really hope that you've saved a lot lately, since we'll be seeing plenty more associated items of this type hitting the shelves in the near future).

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