Sony NEX Cameras to Gain Electronic Zoom Control

Currently, NEX-series photo and video capture devices only have manual zoom control

Whether Sony wanted it or not, a photo of a photo camera has leaked, one that reveals a certain fact about its NEX series of photo and video capture devices.

The picture shows that the new NEX-3N, which hasn't actually been released yet, will have electronic zoom.

This is unusual because all NEX cameras have manual zoom right now.

The anonymous tipster that sent the info to Sony Alpha Rumors also revealed that the camera would possess a 16-megapixel sensor.

There is no way to know for sure that fresh camera really is on the way, but it has been pointed out that the NEX-F3 is sold for a discount, meaning that a new model may very well be inbound.

Sony is sure to include lots of image editing options in the feature set.

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