Sony NEX-3N Camera Press Shots Leak

The mirrorless camera is compact and seems to have a zoom lever around the shutter button

Earlier this month (February 2013), a rumor started about Sont's NEX-3N camera gaining electronic zoom control.

The new press shots that Digicame Info has leaked seem to confirm that report.

The website has published the pictures of the NEX-3N mirrorless photo and video camera ahead of the actual product release.

The zoom lever can be seen around the shutter button and will be used with 16-50mm power zoom lenses.

Other things that the press photographs reveal is the compact, minimalistic design with a shallower grip.

The view is in line with the general idea of low-end cameras, though the assumption that a 16.1-megapixel sensor will be used does suggest that the item might not be all that low-end.

Either way, there is still no word on a price or an availability date. We imagine Sony won't drag things on too long though. The cat's basically out of the bag already.


Sony NEX-3N (3 Images)

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