Sony Intros motiongraph App for Android

Provides users with the possibility to create gifs on their phones

Sony Mobile has made a new application available for download for its Xperia users, aimed at enabling them to easily create .gif images straight from the handsets, namely motiongraph.

The software is available for download through the Google Play Store for devices powered by Android 2.3 and newer platform releases, with a price tag of £0.83 (around $1.30) attached to it.

“motiongraph is a smartphone application that creates unusual images in which part of the image moves like a video. Amaze your friends with these unique images that are limited only by your imagination,” the application’s description reads.

The application was designed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc, and works in a very simple manner.

Users will simply have to shoot a very short video, select areas that they want to move, and hit the save button.

“motiongraph allows you to create your image in three simple and intuitive operations,” the app’s development team explains:

- Shoot: Tap a button to record a very short video about 2 seconds in length.

- Edit: Swipe across the screen to define the areas that you want to move or not to move.

- Save: Tap a button again to save your work, and you’re done!

Furthermore, the mobile app also comes with sharing capabilities, so that users can show to their friends the moving images they have created.

The app will post a thumbnail of the image to Facebook, and can also post links to the image on Twitter. Users will also be able to share their photos via email.

motiongraph also enables users to easily adjust settings for the phone’s camera, including focus, white balance, and exposure, while also taking advantage of Sony’s Image Stabilization Technology. It also allows users to adjust playback speed and control the smoothness of the playback.

You can find the application available for download on this page on the official Google Play Store. Learn more on it through the video embedded below.

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