Sony Google Nexus 5 Concept Device Runs Key Lime Pie

The handset would sport a Tegra 4 or better processor

There’s no telling as of now whether Google will bring to the market a fifth Nexus smartphone in the popular lineup, or whether it would partner with a new handset vendor for it, but enthusiasts are already dreaming of a Google phone made by Sony, it seems.

Suman Chatterjee is one of them, and the Google Nexus 5 concept phone it has created sports Sony Mobile’s logo on it, in addition to being capable of offering a pure Google experience.

The device, which might never become an officially available smartphone, especially since it is developed by a third-party designer, sports a squarish design, while being powered by the next flavor of Google’s mobile operating system, namely Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

This Sony Nexus concept device might sport a full HD touchscreen display, most probably a 4.7–5-inch panel, in line with the latest high-end handsets out there, concept-phones notes in a recent post.

Furthermore, the device could be powered by a Tegra 4 CPU, though a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor should not be excluded either.

Based on the high-end hardware capabilities that Sony’s Xperia Z has arrived on shelves with, we could expect for a Google phone developed by this handset vendor to easily best them.

This means that a 13MP or a 16MP photo snapper with Exmor RS sensor might easily make it on the specs list of this concept device, with the entire set of high-end capabilities attached to it, including full HD video recording capabilities.

Sony’s Nexus smartphone would also pack 2GB of RAM, along with 32GB or even 64GB of internal memory, together with all the usual set of connectivity capabilities, or family of sensors available in today’s smartphones.

Of course, the aforementioned Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie platform release will bring its own load of new features and capabilities to the device, further enhancing the overall experience for users.

Unfortunately, all is merely a concept for the time being, and it might take a good while before Sony and Google partner for the launch of such a device.

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