Sony Explains Membership Benefits for Planetside 2

Gamers will get more Station Cash and accelerated resource and experience gain

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment working on the upcoming Planetside 2 has detailed the exact benefits that paying members will get in the MMO and talked about how they are designed to have a limited impact on the competitive side of the game.

The benefits for those who are willing to pay the $15 or €15 monthly subscription include:

- 25 to 50 percent increase in resource gain, experience points gain and in the rate at which certification points are being accumulated;

- a priority flag for the game login queue;

- early access to all the cosmetic items that are offered on the Planetside 2 store;

- 500 worth of Station Cash during each month to spend as they please.

The bonus included in the premium membership starts off at 25 percent and increases with 5% for each new month that the player continues to pay in order to access Planetside 2.

Those who purchase more than one month of subscription will get the full bonus immediately, and those who let their subscription lapse will have a 30-day grace period during which to pay again before their bonuses are eliminated.

Initially, Sony Online Entertainment had also planned to increase the caps for resources on those who pay to play, but after beta players complained about potential balance problems they dropped the idea and added the 500 Station Cash as a sort of compensation.

The development team working on Planetside 2 has been very careful about the bonuses and wants to have them a limited impact on the immediate balance of the MMO while also drawing as many people as possible to the subscription option.

At the moment, Planetside 2 is in closed beta stage and Sony has plans to launch the game before the end of the year exclusively on the PC.

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