Sony Ericsson organizes embarrassing picture contest

To promote K300i

What good is a phone with digital camera if the only pictures you take with it depict your colleagues nicely aligned and discreetly smiling? Rather boring, right? The purpose of a digital camera included into the phone is to allow you to take funny, unique photos you wouldn't have normally taken because you didn't have a "good" digital camera with you.

And this was Sony Ericsson's marketing idea to promote K300i, a phone model obviously fitted with a digital camera. The core of this campaign is the website, where you can make a fool of yourself or of your colleagues by posting some of the most embarrassing and awkward photos you have.

The campaign will be backed by a viral marketing campaign, consisting of a message that retransmits/forwards itself too all your friends and recommends a certain site. On, cameraphone users will be able to post photos taken with these devices and according to the visitors' preferences, the site will make a list of the funniest, strangest and most incredible images.

The K300i model is just one of the weapons from Sony Ericsson's arsenal designed to take over this segment of the cell phone market. The next model is the long-awaited W800 Walkman phone, intended to be this summer's communication and multimedia playback device.

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