Sony Ericsson to Unveil New "Fun" Line-up of Handsets

No details yet about what phones will be included

Sony Ericsson will soon come with a brand new F-series of handsets that will focus on the "fun" side of mobile life. This fact was unveiled during the presentation of the first SE flagship store from Taiwan, which will be open for the public starting tomorrow, the 10th of May.

Besides Sony Ericsson phones, accessories and cute girls (that can't be missing from any new presentation related to the mobile industry), in the Taiwan store there is also a list of prefixes Sony Ericsson uses (and will be using) for its devices. On the board hosting that list, we can see the following series: G (with G700, G900 and G502), P (which includes Paris / P5), X (with Xperia X1), the music-orientated R and W (Walkman), the photography-centered C (Cyber-shot) and S, the T (for style) and, the last one, F - for fun.

Well, we can't know exactly what "fun" means in Sony Ericsson's view, but we should probably expect the phones from this series to pack a little bit of all features: music, browsing, photography and so on. Or, if we were to think this through, the new F-series could be the one the rumored Sony Ericsson PSP phone can integrate in. If this turns out to be true, then the fans of both PlayStation and SE will finally have a handset to fit their gaming and mobile needs.

All speculations aside, the mysterious F-series is, nevertheless, great news. And that's because it will almost surely include new and cool devices.

Until now, Sony Ericsson created only one handset with an "F" in its name and that is the F500 (or F500i). At the time of its release, in 2004, this phone looked nice, but now it's obviously a bit "old" when it comes to both design and features.

While waiting for official details on the future phones to come with F-names, we can enjoy some photos from (and with) the new Sony Ericsson flagship store from Taiwan. It definitely looks nice, both from the inside and from the outside.


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