Sony Ericsson Satio Receives Firmware Update

The power-down bug gets fixed

Japanese-Swedish mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has recently released a firmware update for its high-end Symbian-based handset Satio, which has recently been pulled off the shelves by a series of UK retailers due to a series of issues the device came to the market with. The new firmware version R1CA037 is reportedly headed towards unbranded models of the Satio and should fix the aforementioned problems.

The company worked pretty fast with the release of the new software solution for the Satio, although most of you might remember that it said it wasn't a major issue. However, the software bugs in Satio determined UK retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U to stop selling the device, yet now they are expected to put the 12MP behemoth back in their offering.

Even if it was not a serious issue, the update was one that could not be delivered over-the-air, it seems, and we should also mention that the software glitch did make a large number of users to come with their handsets back to warranty. The new software solution is only available for mobile phones that are not sold via carriers, as those versions are not affected by the problem, and some voices say that it has been released only for limited regions.

According to some users who downloaded the new firmware solution, the Satio was running faster after the update process, and it seems that the power-down bug with the handset has been also solved. Another new mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, the Aino, has been also hit by a software issue, which affected its touchscreen display, yet the problem was not as significant as to remove the device from shelves, as it happened with the Satio. The handset vendor has already stated that it is working on delivering a software update for this handset too, and it might surface in the very near future.

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