Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Concept Looks Great

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the prettiest PSP phone concept of them all?

Sony Ericsson seems to have really stimulated some designers' creativity, as a lot of people are developing phones based on this company's device lines. An appealing PSP phone concept has just sprung over the internet, although there are high chances for the handset producer to ignore it just as it has done with all the others untill now.

Sony Ericsson had a PSP phone concept patented some while ago, which showed their interest in actually bringing out on the market such a device. Still, just a few days later, they changed their minds and said that the best thing for the model at that time would be that of concentrating its efforts towards strengthening its Walkman and Cyber-shot line of phones.

A PSP phone concept was not a priority at that time and there are little chances for things to have changed in time. Because of this, there is a probability for this concept to fail in actually being made real, as interesting as it might look. After all, when did Sony Ericsson actually showed interest in the concepts that some creative people are developing? Some of them have been ludacris, while others looked quite interesting, but none got any real attention from the handset producer.

The concept features a slick case, with sharp corners which might prove to be somewhat uncomfortable during long gameplay. Just as any respectable PSP phone concept, this one too has a central display screen and buttons on its sides. They too have left aside the rounded shapes for the straight, rectangular ones, although this might prove to be a problem if actually made real.

This new PSP phone concept looks great, no question about it, but will be nothing more than a pretty idea, as Sony Ericsoon will most probably never give it a try.

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