Sony Ericsson P1i Packs BlackBerry Connect Software

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The BlackBerry Connect software v4.0 will be available on Sony Ericsson's P1i mobile phone on several markets. The software will come pre-loaded with the handset and bring the same advantages that it had to offer until now on RIM's (Research in Motion) smartphones.

BlackBerry Connect software v4.0 will allow users to access wireless email services, including attachment viewing and wireless email synchronization. All this will be possible in connection with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service.

Among the features that BlackBerry Connect v4.0 has to bring, there is also better attachment and the possibility for users to view images, footnotes and tracked changes. Moreover, it will give access to remote look-up of corporate email address directory and bring triple DES or AES wireless encryption.

The software also includes wireless IT policy enforcement and commands. This means that Sony Ericsson P1i users will have the chance of benefiting from just about the same advantages as those owning BlackBerry smartphones.

"We have worked closely with RIM to provide one of the finest mobile office solutions available on the Symbian platform", said Lennard Hoornik, Corporate Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific. Moreover, "The robust functionality of the Sony Ericsson P1i together with out-of-the-box support for the BlackBerry platform will provide customers with a powerful communications tool that's both secure and speedy to set up", he further added.

Sony Ericsson's P1i smartphone packs a 3.2 megapixel camera and touchscreen, making it one of the most evolved handsets out there. The phone has a three-way input interface that makes operations easy and quick, while the special suretype keypad brings the advantages of a QWERTY one, while taking up a much smaller space and keeping the phone's sizes reduced. Moreover, Sony Ericsson P1i also packs WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with VoIP technology.

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