Sony Details its PlayStation 3D Display Ahead of November 13 Launch

All you need to know about the upcoming 3D display from Sony

Sony has just posted a massive FAQ article about the upcoming PlayStation-branded 3D Display, which is now scheduled to be released on November 13, this year, in North America at least, and sometime later in Europe.

Sony is backing up 3D gaming with its PlayStation 3 console supporting such technology while the Bravia 3DTV sets offer some impressive performance when playing games that have such a feature.

Now, in order to make it even more accessible, Sony is getting ready to deploy a budget-priced PlayStation 3D Display, that's specifically designed to work with the PlayStation 3, although it's not mandatory to use the Sony console, and also has the SimulView technology to allow proper split-screen gaming.

The display was confirmed back at E3 2011 earlier this year, and is finally getting ready to be released next month, in North America.

The Japanese company has now posted a massive FAQ on the PlayStation blog, sharing lots of details and information about the device.

First up, the 3D Display is priced at $499.99 (€499), and includes in its retail package " the 3D Display, one pair of 3D Glasses, MotorStorm Apocalypse Blu-ray game, and an HDMI cable." Those who pre-ordered the display when Resistance 3 was offered as a bonus game (before September 30) will still get their copy of the shooter.

The device measures 24 inches, supports 1080p HD resolution, has LED technology, and uses the Active 3D system to display compatible content. What's more, there's also the special SimulView technology, which is explained by Sony below.

"This special two-player feature is unique to the 3D Display in that it significantly enhances two-player mode in select games. Ordinarily, two-player mode is played in split-screen format. With this unique two-player feature, each player gets their own full (2D) HD screen while wearing the 3D Glasses for the 3D Display."

Quite a few games will support the SimulView technology when the display will be released, including MotorStorm Apocalypse, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3, and Super Stardust HD, with Sony promising that many more titles will get this compatibility.

Each player needs a pair of 3D glasses, however, but Sony is quick to point out that the ones for the 3D display are some of the most affordable on the market.

"The 3D Glasses are noticeably lighter and less obtrusive than existing active 3D glasses. Due to advancements in 3D technology they also suffer from less “crosstalk” in 3D images. They also feature an integrated rechargeable battery that you can charge using the included micro-USB cable instead of installing a new battery."

"The new 3D Glasses also support the SimulView feature, which enables two players to enjoy their own full (2D) screen while wearing the 3D Glasses for the 3D Display in supported games. Finally, retailing at $69.99, the PlayStation 3D Glasses are more affordable than most Active 3D glasses on the market."

The PlayStation 3D Display is out this November in the USA and Canada, although a European release date has yet to be determined.

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