Sony Denies Canceling PlayStation Vita 3G Model in the U.S.

Amazon listings that the Vita was canceled aren't true, according to Sony

Sony has denied canceling the 3G version of its PlayStation Vita, after Amazon marked the product as being “discontinued by manufacturer,” saying that it’s just an issue with the retailer.

While the PlayStation Vita is set to launch at the end of next month, both in North America and Europe, the device is struggling in Japan, where it appeared in December. Things are so serious in the Asian country that some stores are even making unofficial price cuts just to get rid of the pricier 3G version of the Vita.

After this unfortunate turn of events, Sony was faced with a new wave of rumors, after large online retailer Amazon displayed a “discontinued by manufacturer” message to customers who visited the page of the PlayStation Vita 3G model.

The Japanese company quickly reacted, issuing a statement to IGN and saying that the listing is wrong and that it’s working with Amazon to remedy this issue by displaying accurate information.

"It's not true," a Sony representative revealed. "We'll look into this now and ask our team to connect with Amazon."

This isn’t the first time Sony’s been ‘betrayed’ by retailers, as last week GameStop sent out an email to those who pre-ordered The Last Guardian, saying that Sony has canceled the game, while deleting it from its store system.

The retailer quickly issued an apology, saying that it only stopped accepting pre-orders because Sony still had to give an accurate release date for the PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

Now, after this problem with Amazon, you can expect the Japanese company to start keeping a much tighter connection with its retail partners in the near future, in order to avoid any other misunderstandings.

The PlayStation Vita is still scheduled to appear at the end of February, with both a Wi-Fi and a 3G model being set for release around the world.

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