Sony Agrees to $15 Million (€11.1M) Settlement over 2011 PSN Hacking

Free PS3 and PSP games, themes, and PS Plus subscriptions will be offered

The class action lawsuit over the 2011 PSN hacking and subsequent data breach has reached a new stage, as Sony has agreed to a whopping $15 million (€11.1 million) settlement, which that means more free games, benefits, and PS Plus subscriptions will be offered to users who saw their personal data leak online.

In spring of 2011, Sony's PlayStation Network online service was breached by nefarious individuals who made off with the personal data of millions of PSN users but also of Qriocity streaming service customers and even Sony Online Entertainment fans.

After getting the service back online, Sony scrambled to earn back the trust of users and even offered a Welcome Back promotion that saw free games and PlayStation Plus subscriptions offered to existing PS3 owners.

However, that wasn't enough for some people, and they grouped up for a class action lawsuit against Sony over the data breach in the United States of America.

The trial has been going on ever since and now it's been confirmed, via Polygon, that Sony has agreed to a settlement totaling around $15 million (€11.1 million) for those PS3 users in North America.

The agreement hasn't been ratified by a judge so the details are still sketchy, but it seems that quite a lot of free things are going to be offered to those who were affected by the breach.

More specifically, free PS3 and PSP games, free PS3 themes, free PS Plus subscriptions, extra Music Unlimited memberships, and even free Sony Online Entertainment station currency.

Users who didn't participate in the Welcome Back promotion will receive compensation in a first come, first served basis as part of a program that's capped at $6 million (€4.4 million). They'll be able to choose from two separate options that include free games or PSN benefits.

Those who did participate will be eligible to receive one free game, a free theme, or a free PS Plus subscription.

Qriocity users who didn't have a PSN account at that time can receive a free month of Music Unlimited access. SOE customers are also eligible to receive $4.5 (€3.35) in the station cash virtual currency.

Bear in mind that these settlements aren't final and a judge will need to ratify them at the next hearing in the lawsuit that's scheduled on May 1, 2015.

As such, don't get your hopes too high about getting more free games and benefits from Sony over the infamous PSN breach.

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