Sony 3D Head-Mounted Display Is Cool but Not Cool Enough

It is not exactly practical, nor particularly light, among other things

Sony has unveiled a new head-mounted display and even allowed visitors to put it on and play with it for a while, at its Tokyo Game Show booth in Japan.

Its main purpose is to sate the thirst of those few people who want to be completely immersed in their 3D gaming environment. We suppose that developing stronger neck muscles can be considered a bonus.

What we mean, or perhaps we should say what the folks at The Verge mean, is that the head-mounted display is a bit heavy, even though lighter than the previous version.

Then again, the two 720p OLED displays were described as quite bright and high in contrast, making for a pleasant experience, so there is definitely some appeal here.

The only downside is the lack of embedded earphones. Buyers will have to use the 3.5mm audio jack to connect whatever audio system / headphones they wish.

The price is of ¥70,000, or around $900 / 695-900 Euro.

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