Sonos Play, a Wireless Speaker for Minimalists

It can stream music to any room in high fidelity sound

The new audio device from Sonos may not be a portable speaker, but it is the next best thing, assuming you don't prefer multi-speaker systems over everything else.

Called SONOS PLAY:1, the newcomer is a wireless HiFi speaker, where HiFi stands for high fidelity.

It should be up for sale at $199 / €199, and a free Wi-Fi Bridge should ship with it, for a limited time this holiday season. Normally, that bridge would need an extra $49 / €49.

Owners of the Sonos Play:1 will be able to stream from PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

They can even combine more than one speaker to create a multi-room speaker system. Pairing two Play:1 units can enable high-quality stereo, and you can even use them as rear speakers when combined with a Playbar and a SONOS SUB. So I guess even lovers of 5.1 home theater sound can buy them without worry.

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