“Sometimes Faking It Is Better,” Reads Manti Te'o's PETA Ad

The Notre Dame linebacker wants people going to the Super Bowl not to eat meat

This year's Super Bowl is just around the corner, and green-oriented group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are doing their best in trying to convince the people attending this event that vegetarian and animal-friendly snacks and culinary delights are the best way to go.

The organization teamed up with Manti Te'o, whose Internet girlfriend hoax went viral not very long ago, and rolled out a new add which reads as follows: “Sometimes Faking It Is Better.”

Needless to say, fake meat is what is better, and not fake girlfriends.

As PETA member Ashley Byrne puts it, “PETA thinks it's great to fake it—especially when it means saving chickens from abuses that would be illegal if the victims were cats or dogs.”

Furthermore, “We're asking fans to tackle cruelty by digging into a hearty vegan meal for the big game—and beyond.”

UPDATE: I was just informed that this particular billboard wil not be rising above the Superdome after all, on account of Te'o's legal representatives requesting that PETA refrain from running it.

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