Somebody Call 911! Google Is Down!

The company had a 3 minute downtime

Google is one of the most powerful companies on the Internet and you know it because you're searching websites with its search engine every day. Have you ever tried accessing Google but the website was unavailable? If the answer is yes you should know that it was probably a connection error caused by your provider because Google is available almost anytime. And when I say almost, I am referring to a 3 minutes downtime recorded by the search giant that was discovered yesterday on April 2 at 20:29.07 according to Pingdom. This service was especially designed to monitor the uptime and the downtime of a certain page, its developers managing to create interesting statistics with the numbers recorded by the top 20 sites in Alexa.

Pingdom sustained Google had a 99.73 uptime percent this year, being placed on the second position after its known rival Yahoo. It seems like the giant portal is the most stable company on the Internet because it recorded no more than 0 minutes of downtime. YouTube, the online video sharing service recently acquired by Google had a 4 hours and 44 minutes downtime while Blogger, the most popular blog service on the Internet was registered with 4 hours and 47 minutes downtime.

According to the same tool, Google encountered the first downtime of the year on January 18 when the search giant was down for 3 minutes. Although there are no official reasons for the offline times, Google's numbers are quite impressive even if the giant portal Yahoo passed them. Imagine that Google owns a huge number of users that are continuously accessing their products so it's almost necessary to own a powerful bandwidth and a stable server.

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